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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> >> >>mark: good morning. the top stories we're following is that there is that san as the there is an essay, cited the pleas of all in. >>darya: their early the- blue falling >> >>james: it is sunny and breezy this afternoon. it is pretty nice. the bid will be with us as we head into the overnight hour. >>mark: there is a debt of developing story at san jose.
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let's get that bad craig skalar. scene and the investigators at your. he conceded the karaoke bar is off to the right. police say that this man was dead. 24 years old. his name is not been released yet. we do not know whether are not there any suspects in this case. witnesses say they heard a commotion that was about it. he can see that the parking lot is closed off. were hoping to get similar information from the police. right now they are looking of the scene. mark >> and this is san jose is 13, side of the year.
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>>darya: yoli is at the scene of this accident. >>yoli: this is no. that on 8880. the big rig was filled sand. in all of this stand was it spread into the lanes. this is the san is cleared of the roadway maybe they get above the lanes. the traffic will start to some flows smoothly as it is that the cars go. they're clearing is added for the time.
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>>darya: conceded there is a little bit about finally there. george what your maps say. >>george: as yoli points out that once they get the sand of the road, and it already live there is bad, they should be able to reopen the lanes here. once that is done i think we will see 0 impact for the rest of the commute. things are typically slow in this area. the real important thing is that we did not get a back up that will stay through the morning. if this and lasted an hour and a half we may not have been able to recover. this is to have caused ripple effects across the bay area. >>mark: more suspense is
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coming out at heritage high school falling a senior prank. 50 students were suspended when they painted the sidewalk in tight at the sheep. >> some of my close friends are not going to graduate it will not be the same without walking with us. i know take away grad night and take away the ceremony but let our kids take their finals. >>mark: as some parents say they are considering taking legal action. a judge is expected to weigh in on this. >>darya: a pretrial hearing for the men at accused of
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beating brian stowe had it been this yesterday's they can identify it to parents karen see says she heard profanity and a scuffle. see her it stows had hit the ground in a seesaw day men then she saw a man hit him and ahead this she'd identify as sanchez >> here's what she said happened in the parking lot the day of the beating. he turned around it disappeared into the ground.
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the imf >> >>justine: we are letting a little bit more about what president obama as for to say, a special statement at the white house that it will be happening this morning. the topic is about the economy. is going to be talking about not only what is happening in, but you'll be talking about the debt crisis in europe day continues leave a drag on the united states. he is going to talk about passing a bill that will put
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fire furfur of the fire workers -- firefighters and teachers in first responders back to work irian >>mark: then breaking did that signal that more stimulus is on the horizon karen investors are disappointed. dow futures are down. we will follow wall street this morning. we had a free event at the beginning of the week but looks like stocks will slump down today him. >>darya: let's take a look at side is descent started to come up. we will be back in just a minute.
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>>darya: a lowly is expected for an army private. he really sunders the south and thousands of army documents. the 24 year old intelligence analysts is charged with aiding the enemy bedpan along with other offenses.
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they say that the prosecutors ought wrongly alleged that the exceeded his authorization to access the defense department site. >> em military suicides are skyrocketing. this amount of suicides far outdistanced the amount of forces that were killed in afghanistan. they attribute this to howff alcohol abuse and domestic violence. >>mark: they say that the state needs at least 2 million more a college degree certificates in court for california to
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rethink possible.
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>>darya: defense of ancient san francisco history. they found a tombstone dating back to the 1890's. in fact it is not the only 11. a lot of great markers for the to the east to try to help shore up the sea wall. their pieces of old had cents a crypts can be found all of a the city. >> these materials for all ground into road base and other projects. these pieces were left a little more hole so they can still read some of them. you will find pieces of granite.
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sometimes some that have letters and then. rarely do find one that is as flexible as this one. as you see there that crews are dumping sand. >>george: continue to monitor conditions on the 80 on the oak street. --880 got up street. the only closure is that the oak street off ramp. the roads had to be cleared because the big rigs hit
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this san bags -- setbacks. the sand would be absurd especially to motorcycles. the general consensus is they are not going to try to actually try to fill and repair this san barrel to during the commute. the goal is to open the road as quickly as possible karen we woodsy that in the northbound direction and there is a very minor back up. you can see a very short stretch of slow traffic on northbound 8. >> as long as they're out of there by 7:00 a.m., think
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everything will be ok. let's have a bridge check. the bay bridge westbound is starting to back up a bit now that the metering lights are active. there is no problem for the san mateo bridge ride. the golden gate bridge has a very easy ride. >>james: i have a view from the james lick freeway. he can see some cloud cover. here are the temperatures we are seeing right now. san francisco 51. san jose 55 oakland 52. tucker 55. and he can see that we're seeing a lot of 50s across the area. most of their area is in the
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'50s. antioch is at 61 already. we are not expecting too much of a warm-up. at noon. suspecting mostly '60s of around the heart of the day. was a little '70s inland. at 3:00 we see that is still mostly '60s and '70s of around area. let's take a look at the satellite. you can see that we are getting a cooler sea breeze it is pushing across the bay. that will keep that temperatures cooler is directed day. this of the cooler even in the middle -- inland valley. expect upper 50s along the
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coast. here is the weather for the next three days. the good news is things are starting to warm. we will enjoy a saturday. it will be breezy in irian then on sunday we will have the potential for eighties and nineties in this temperature trend will continue through the beginning of the week. >>mark: this is the intersection where this happen. a medical helicopter through artful is the best liver to the hospital this is a treacherous and dangerous right. >> my friend heard what he said.
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he said at of the way her son the like that and he hit my friend see fluent in and made it in the bushes. people come up around arlington very fast. >> the bicycle was treated for minor of my neck injuries. he cooperated with that emergency responders. >>darya: berkeley is looking into these three different colors. there is a crackdown for prostitution. they're known to use websites that used as online guides for prostitution. chris the massage is --
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volunteered to give up its permit. >> the tour buses have complied with the noise restrictions. that people are fed up with the noise from that bus is, the buses double parking and even sideswiping cars. >>darya: a woman is recovering after being shot in the leg. they found this woman tourist sycamore drive. two people were arguing in the street and two of them opened fire. this woman was hit by stray bullet. >>darya: we will be back with more. let's take a live look here
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at 7 cisco. -- san francisco.
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>>mark: this is a live look from the golden gate. it will be a call afternoon. debitors and san francisco
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is 50 degrees right now. it will be warming up as we had in the weekend. >>darya: 15 year old days was killed on tuesday night. police say that he pulled a gun. it happened at a gas station parking lot at west girl boulevard. you can say dozens of family and friends have showed up for a visual big civil- rights attorney john burris spoke. >> the family was disturbed because the police were not giving them any information. the only information they're getting was from the news. they thought they needed an attorney so that they could at least get some information about the case.
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from my purview it requires a close look at the facts. after all we have a 15 year old child was killed. so i'm taking a look at it. >>darya: tourists is also the attorney for another man was killed on the is a. >>mark: net we have learned that the case was quietly settled last month in the claims had been dismissed him will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues here in
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>>mark: is a look at the opening bell. the three day rally wall street will end today. the dow is down 40 points. >>darya: this happened attic. of the bar. let's get to this scene craig skalar. >>craig: you can see that the back of this parking lot at this strip center is where the shooting happened. there was a call in at see
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this morning to there was a call end at 230 am this morning to 911. is a 24 year-old man. they're not releasing his name. they're holding this close to the vest right now. there is a possible suspect your the coroner's office will become an actor. this will remain closed off. we tried to get more information as a please provide. >>justine: isn't updates of the water main break. the front desk at the radisson hotels said that they have not had any water since 5:00 this morning in.
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meet me had to reroute its bus is because the industry to block duckpin -- meet the train had to >> and >>james: >>george: the lanes of the freeway on880 there about cleaning up the sand. the were the i keep getting from caltrain as they are not quite to finish that repaired during the morning commute. the goal is to get the lanes open for traffic. they hope to be able to open
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the lanes by 7:00. the ticket to the traffic map. it shows the there is only a minor impact here. i think we're appointee dodge a huge ball at this morning. this is the lone hot spot the we are been tracking the a- >>james: we are seeing quite a bit of sunshine out there. a system to our north is free us cooler air. it should be cloudy and mild -- sonny mild with when done this weekend and on sunday will be high in the '90s. >>mark: the san francisco
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the night to cover mirkirimi as attorney fees. mirkirimi was sentenced to three years' probation and was suspended without pay. they say that they received the requests for assistance after he hired as private attorneys. >> let's take a look of numbers from the bureau of labor is in statistics. for other bay area markets was also an increase. >>mark: the latest creation for a -- from nike is going to be available.
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these people have spent more than ours, they have spent days in this line to buy the shoes. people have been camped out here since monday for a pair of sneakers. they add their air jordan too easy shoes. -expected to release between three to 5000 pairs. they are already selling on ebay for thousands of dollars. they are never going to wear them. it went to put them in a box where they are cortisol them. >> i'm out that at here since monday.
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you are willing to wait here for five is six days? >> he can do it and you can cut the butter $50 in the resale is pretty high to but i know i think i am glad to keep mine >>will: this should is still not even go on sale to tomorrow. the elderly have 25 to 30 pairs of shoes. not all these people will get them after waiting in line so long.
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>>mark: thanks jackie. >>darya: they say that a family source of 64 on the plane that crashed at lake wales florida yesterday. was the wife and four children. the small plane crashed into a swampy area. a witness say that they saw the plane spiralled as it went down. that at the a-a-table been investigating this. >> texas and utah have a mile an hour speed limit on some roadways opinion the
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gobi 85 mi. per hour will be the second-highest posted speed limit. of course we have the audubon in germany. >>darya: let update on the weather and traffic women combat. -- when we come back.
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>>darya: for mark fleet what mac, bob welch was found
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shot in the chest a is suicide. was recently dealing with the health problem. he has been heard from [singing] island the song had ties. welch was 65 years old. >>mark: there is a new will first child seat requirements going in the fat 2014. if the children in this scene have a combined rate of 65 lbs.. do not use that anchors in the sea. a 32 lb. child and the weight of a car seat may not be able to use the anchors that are in the car for for
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the car seat either. die >> let's take a live look at the bay bridge. you cannot see much because the sunshine is in your eyes. we are looking at a cool down today in oakland. we'll it will warm up on saturday.
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>>mark: the san francisco is investigating the 18th homicide of the year is the cabinet to this morning. the victim was a 24 year-old man. it-it is a karen >> let's take a look at wall street. after today's the gain of game. they are down 51 points. >> a judge is expected to rule today at about the two men charged for attacking brian stowe.
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there can decide whether they will stand trial. they identified sanchez is the attacker and the other man as the person that was the cohort. >>george: this is not a back up on the nimitz freeway. good news is that all lanes are open here. this accident happened about 4:00. this san that barrels or stalked by a big rigs. there are no lanes closed on the freeway. they do have the off ramp shut down. they're going to try to be out of there by 7:00 this morning let's take a look at
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the traffic maps. you can see that there is no impact on the commute. it is a little sluggish but i would expect it a little bit more impact than this. it is friday. for the rest of the east bay commute, you will see that the cash conditions are pretty good. there is a 14 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. the south bay freeway is lighter than usual this morning. but at the bay bridge. there is no back up here for the golden gate bridge, one a one south bound it is easy ride across the span in the problems on presidio park
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way. let's take a look at the weather with james. >>james: it will be a touch cooler today. here is a picture from our roof can. we are seeing clouds in the background that are mainly confined to the coast. here is our weather today. it will be partly cloudy with light winds right now. the temperatures are on the minus side. concord and antioch are coming in at 61. santa rosa is at 50. napa is at 49 degrees. let's take a look at how the temperatures will eve off to out the day. admit -- at 12:00 noon, and the temperatures will warm to mostly this '60s and
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'70s. by the time we get to 3:00 in the afternoon. we will save that temperatures will continue to be in the '50s and '60s possibly '70s and the valleys. we're looking at the upper 60s and low '70's in the south bay. it would be 61 in san francisco 68 in oakland. and when used had to the east you would see fairfield be 75 antioch 79. later in the weekend the temperature changes in temperatures are back on the rise. will be eighties and saturday in nineties and sunday with monday even warmer than the weekend. it looks like we have a beautiful future. >>mark: the stories we're
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following right now is that most americans do not approve of the job that the u.s. supreme court's is doing. as for how the nine judges were look that a large percentage thought that political and personal use swayed their decision making. >>darya: coca-cola us drink all the sugar you want. they are responding to new york mayor michael bloomberg. cup parties that there is not a scientific link to of but of the city is sugary diets.
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they point out that the percentage of kids are as low as 30% had a drink sugar drinks. it could not have been our soda. millions have children and pays his or forgoing the necessary medical care because of the rising costs. doctors aren't noticing that young adults stop listening to medical advice once they learn about the cost of the treatment. >>mark: this is a vaccine
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for children program. exposure to inappropriate temperatures of the vaccine can reduce the efficiency. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. there is lots of sunshine but it will be a little bit cooler today.
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>>justine: we have a recall to tell you about. it is for the cairo freeze ice hot packs. these ever gel packs. these can because of damage n leaked the jal in this
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side. you can get a refund any can go to for more information. >>darya: there has been 34 years since there has been a triple crown winner. other times a courses have come to belmont with a chance at have failed. 1978 is the last time the triple crown was one by a secretary at. >> there is a homicide in san as a. there is a hot spot on 880.
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a military psychiatrists is accused of going on a killing spree in texas.
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